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What we offer


H47 has established SOPs to streamline the processing and sale of raw material. Our technology is designed to industrially shuck, decorticate and dry material for maximum cannabinoid preservation and ultimate sale value. It is our goal to provide a higher standard of quality control on every pound that leaves our facility. In conjunction with HPLC and MdS47 we will process material to the exact buyer specifications so that it can be sold quickly and efficiently.


• Secure Financial Transactions:
H47 is an unbiased third-party company that protects the farmers and the buyers through every step of the process. Each transaction is secure, transparent and audited. In addition, H47 will be among the first users of HempTraxx.

• Robust Buying Portfolio:
H47 has established strong relationships with a portfolio of qualified, commodity scale buyers, including a first right of refusal for processing capacity with an industry-leading lab. H47 is additionally connected to buyers all over the world.


• Accurate Lab Testing & Certification:
H47 provides a thorough third-party analysis on all we process for sale. Our sampling protocols and sample sizes were established to create accurate, replicable lab results.

• Substantial Risk Reduction:
H47 has designed chain of custody protocols to eliminate any uncertainty in the transportation and exchange of materials. In conjunction with HempTraxx, we will help reduce business risk; from insurance on transportation, processing, and storage, to the full transparency buyers have to conduct due diligence on the material they purchase.