Santa Fe Brands

Our Products

Our products will be sold both wholesale and retail, and we are currently exploring relationships with several specific well-known and admired company brand partners in lifestyle, health and wellness to jointly create artisan user-based products. No one has yet developed the kind of “big brand” high-quality phyto-cannabinoid-rich products that can fully leverage the market.  We are in the process of partnering with several established cannabis companies who are looking to move into the CBD space in both smokable flower and wholesale distillate to be used in high-end CBD cosmetic products.  

Santa Fe Brands is also in the process of developing our own retail lines in both “wellness/medical” and cosmetics.  “Santa Fe Wellness” has been working with an orthopedic surgeon, an internist and a Ph.D. in Health Policy to develop and stand-up three products for the 2021 marketplace that include: SF Balance – A weight loss blend of specific cannabinoids that have appetite suppressant, blood sugar stabilization, and mood lifting properties; SF Rest – A proprietary formulation of cannabinoids to encourage a better night’s sleep; and SF Mobility – a  proprietary  formulation of  specifically blended cannabinoids to decrease pain and inflammation and increase mobility.  On the cosmetics side, SF Brands is working with a well-known manufacturer that has been in the business standing up brands for over 40 years.  We will be creating products that will be sophisticated, modern and based on purity and potency while grounded in clean, sustainable, and organic foundations.

What we offer


With our HPLC process, we can produce custom blends highlighting specific cannabinoids for end use and free of THC. We intend to create both personal lifestyle custom products as well as custom products for the medical, health and wellness space.

Branded and White Labeled Retail

Our retail products will be both private-labeled and white-labeled and we are working with several possible brand partners in lifestyle and wellness for customized cannabinoids products. No one yet has developed the kind of “big brand” high-quality PCRs that can fully leverage and grow vertical integration. To address this, we are already in discussions with specific well-known and admired companies to jointly create artisan user-based products.  These products will be based on purity and potency and grounded in clean, sustainable, and organic foundations.


We are strategically partnering with a Canadian manufacturing company to produce, manufacture and create customer designed product and packaging — this will give us the ability to create custom blends and mass produce them.  These will include custom phyto-cannabinoids for personal end use:





Cosmetics and skin care

Beverages (kombucha, tea bags, packaged shots of coffee, water-soluble powdered mixes, etc. )