Santa Fe Cultivators

In the beginning, there was land...

Cultivated by multi- generation New Mexican farmers and overseen by individuals with decades of experience in the cannabis space, our hemp products will reflect the richness of the American experience. With over 620 acres of nutrient-rich soil and the required water available for cultivation, wherever possible we grow hemp with organic and sustainable farming practices(including use of a proprietary algae formulation created by one of our founders.) We are committed to applications that enhance and preserve the environment with knowledge and expertise that we believe puts us seasons ahead of our competition. C47 expects to produce a minimum of 500,000 pounds of high content CBD biomass in 2020.

The Specifics


We utilize 8 greenhouses for indoor growing. These greenhouses are currently being used for seedlings and clones for transplant to the SFF farms for 2020.

In 2020 we planted approximately 450 acres of high-quality feminized seed for a total estimated yield of 1,000,000+ pounds of CBD biomass. 250 of these acres will be certified organic.


We make use of state-of-the-art farming technology such as GPS Satellite navigation for planting as well as customized, hemp-specific seeding and weeding equipment.

We will refurbish a minimum of 5 of its 15+ industrial wells and irrigation systems in each of 2020 and 2021 for irrigation purposes. It is anticipated that each well will generate a minimum of 200-300 gallons per minute during the height of the growing season - over 1,000 licensed acre feet (or 350 million gallons per year) in total.


We employ sustainable farming practices including a nutrient regimen with a proprietary algae product that creates rich soil & robust plants.

We have a team of 20 people including 10 workers from Mexico here under the H2A visa program and an experienced Director of Farm Operations who led the most successful grow in NM in 2019.

Meet the Team

Gary Chavez
SFF Founder, Director of Science
Cole Daeschel
SFF Founder, Director of Agriculture